Through extensive experience in strategic planning, quality control, mega event management, marketing and sales, Eddie Marles has established and managed events and programs in over 16 countries. After being born in Pereira, Colombia, Eddie was educated in New York City and attended several public and private universities.

Stepstone Enterprises (SSE) is a unique and versatile organization. It is an environmentally focused, family-oriented event and resource management company founded by Eddie Marles in 2006 with mission to serve communities around the world.

SSE places emphasis on developing leadership and providing tools to strengthen personal and life skills for its clients.

SSE focuses on a very important resource. The human Resource. We (SSE) invest our time, energy, effort and funding in creating and providing lifetime experiences for children and adults, with firm conviction of generating positive change in each individual that we meet.

How we contribute: Funds for achieving all philanthropic efforts are generated entirely through company events. These efforts include scholarship programs for education, travel and leadership platform programs.

The Italian Soccer Academy (ITSA) is an affiliation program for clubs, players and families, and currently provides a network of services in the industry of soccer.